About Service

This is a unique experience guided by Miryam Ferris.

Personalized Session

Each session is tailored to you, ensuring a deep connection with your soul.

Multidimensional Healing

Whether releasing emotional blockages, unlocking past life secrets, aligning your chakras, or activating your hidden potentials, each session offers a range of healing that transcends time and space.

Order your Inner Energy

Miryam offers you her gift of healing through the eyes to order and align your inner energy, if necessary.

Transform Your DNA with Quantum Technologies

In session, you can experience the power of Light Language, a sacred form of communication that is heard and felt in every fiber of your being, modifying and healing at the cellular level.

Unlock Your Future

Let Miryam Ferris connect you to opportunities and versions of you that you didn't even know were possible. Align with your best self and discover a world full of possibilities.

Find the answers you've been looking for

Your questions can guide the session. Click here for some ideas. Or it can be driven entirely by your Soul's information if you have few or no questions.

Technologies We Use

Each session is different and requires different technologies. Here is a list of the technologies we use:

  • Light Language
  • Quartz" Quantum Technology
  • Code Channeling
  • Healing through the Eyes
  • Channeling and Healing from your Akashic Records

Take away the Essence of the Session

In audio or image form, so that you can reconnect with the healing Light of that moment, and it will continue to help you expand your consciousness and expand.


"Miryam has given me peace of mind, sorted me out, and reconfigured me. After meeting her, something changed in me. I am eternally grateful that we met." Nacho Vagliatto

Don't postpone your wellness. Make your reservation now and take the first step towards a more empowered you.

Provided by

Miryam Ferris